Offered: $78,320
Received: $455,815

Gilbert International Warehouse suffered severe Microburst Damage during a strong thunderstorm. Advent Public Adjusters increased their settlement by more than $350,000.

Offered: $78,320 </br> Received: $455,815

Super 8 Hotel |Received additional settlement of $48,580.00

Hotel owner was within three weeks of re-opening his hotel and discovered he was underpaid on his claim and we able help him to receive an additional $48,580.00 so that he was able to open on time.

Super 8 Hotel |Received additional settlement of $48,580.00

Offered: $66,000
Received: $137,000

Commercial Roof off I -35 in San Antonio The Insurance company just wanted to apply a cheap coating to the roof and offered $66,000 to do so. We demanded to have it replaced and are currently at $137,000 and may have a additional supplement coming.  Hail damage to roof ,siding and fence.

Offered: $66,000<br/>Received: $137,000

Offered: $65,000
Received: $170,000

First offer was 65,000, we helped the client to receive $170,000.

Offered: $65,000<br/>Received: $170,000

Offered: $30,000
Received: $291,000

This beautiful Home in McAllan, Tx was hit by major Hail & Wind Damage, the original offer was a mere $30,000. We have negotiated to $291,000

Offered: $30,000<br/>Received: $291,000

Insurance Claim Denied?

If you have a property insurance claim, you need an experienced Public Insurance Adjuster on your side. Insurance companies are notorious for denying coverage, denying claims, or providing inadequate offers to settle claims. Advent Property Adjusters has extensive experience assisting clients with insurance claims and ensuring they receive the maximum benefits that they are entitled to.

Insurance Claim Denied?

Public Adjusters Optimize Your Insurance Claim Settlement

So few people even know that Public Insurance Adjusters exist to help policy owners receive the maximum insurance settlement possible. When a disaster strikes of any proportion, whether it is  tornado damage, hail storm, wind damage, fire and smoke, or hurricane. You will receive a free consultation and inspection of your business or home to advise you first on how to protect your business or home from further damage and what your obligations are under your contract with the insurance company. Please understand, the burden of proof is not with the insurance company it’s on you. If you want to maximize amount you receive from your insurance claim settlement, contact us today.

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Public Adjusters Represent Larger Settlements

Advent Public Adjusters are insurance professionals who work only for you, the policy owner, not the insurance company. The insurance company adjuster is on their side and tries to give you the least amount possible. We work exclusively for you with your interest in your insurance settlement as our primary goal. Let’s get you the most from your insurance claim settlement today

Insurance Claim Settlement


"I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your hard work and expertise in obtaining our insurance settlement. I will tell anyone who cares to listen that the first person to call in the event of a tragedy or loss is Mr.Jerde" -Mike Oliver
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