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Warehouse Roof Damage | Laredo, Texas

The Warehouse Roof , we have been able to increase $147,430.00 and expect a second settlement.

Roof Damage




Super 8 | San Antonio, Texas

We have been able to receive an additional $48,580.00 for our client. They are happy with the results, and were able to resume business as usual.

$48,580.00 in additional settlement payout

Up to $48,580.00 in additional settlement payout.









Commercial roof off I -35 in San Antonio.

The insurance company just wanted to apply a coating to roof and offered $66,000 to do so. We demanded to have a “like kind” replacement and are currently at $137,000 and may have a additional supplement coming. Hail damage to roof ,siding and fence.

Damaged Roof Hurricane Sandy

Folded and Torn Roof Panels








Hurricane Sandy Flood Damage

Insurance Payout: With APA received an extra: $21,000
“I, Edward J. Dimon, esq.,  I suffered a catastrophic loss as a result of Hurricane Sandy. The insurance company ‘low balled’ the flood and the wind damage. Paul D. Jerde worked hard every day to get us an extra $13,000 for the flood damage and an extra $9,000 for the wind damage. I would recommend Paul D. Jerde.”

Internal Frame Damage

Sheetrock, Electrical Structural Damage








Ortley Beach, NJ

Insurance Payout: Without APA $65,000
Insurance Payout: With APA $170,000
Clients in the immediate area of this home who had larger homes were offered 65,000, we helped the client to receive $170,000.


Severe sheetrock mold damage

Severe Mold Damage Sheetrock and Framing.

Molded A/C unit

Destroyed Window A/C Unit

Hurricane Sandy Damage

Water Damage Causing sheetrock to fall of the walls

Water Damaged Closet

Water Damage to Closet

Floor Damaged

Mold Damaged Sheetrock













McAllan TX Major Hail Damage

Insurance Payout: Without APA $30,000
Insurance Payout: With APA $291,000
Home was hit by major hail. The original offer was 30,000 we have
negotiated to $68,000 so far and still negotiating for structural Damage for the whole roof lifting. This whole roof may have to come off and re-built which will ad thousands more to this claim.

Major Hail Damage To House

Major Hail Damage To House

Damaged roof may have to be replaced

Damaged roof may have to be replaced

Damage to the chimney

Damage to the chimney

Major shingle damage

Major shingle damage