Insurance Claims

Advent Public Adjusters, LLC is a licensed and bonded public insurance adjustment company.
We help to level the playing field when your insurance company has UNDERPAID or DENIED you insurance claim.

Consider this:

What would you do if your house or business was severely damaged? You’d likely call your insurance company and feel confident that your loss is covered. They’d then send an examiner out to inspect the damage and come up with a dollar amount to review the damage (they are called “adjusters”) and the insurance company sends you a check. It all seems fine on paper, but in reality, since the adjuster works for the insurance company, and they are in business to make profits, the adjusters often come up with a much lower dollar amount than they should – or they might try to deny the claim all together and pay nothing. In most cases the Property Owner is denied full coverage.

That’s where Advent Public Adjusters, LLC comes in and saves the day. We are on the side of the property owner and help them deal with the stingy insurance companies to get the CORRECT reimbursement for their property damage claim (money they should have received from the beginning). Go to our site and read our case studies, we’ve helped property owners get hundreds of thousands of dollars in claims that would have been short-changed.

Homeowners and Business owners alike don’t realize until they have a claim that the burden of proof is on the policyholder, not the insurance company.

Policy Holders often think that because they have paid their premiums each and every year that the insurance company is going to watch out for the insured best interest when they have a claim. NOT TRUE!

Insurance companies are in business for one reason, and one reason only PROFIT. Think about this, the insurance company hires an adjuster who comes to your home or business to properly gauge your damage. First of all they work for the insurance company.  Where do you think their loyalties lie?, Yes, with the insurance company. These adjusters may purposefully overlook and underestimate the damage to your property.

How we prove damage to protect your interest  in your Commercial ,Industrial & Residential claims.

The burden of proof is on the Insured /Not the Insurance company

We are experts at finding and proving damage to your property by building a fully detailed scope of all damages, line item by line estimates, photo documentation, electrical & mechanical engineers, CPA’s and forensic specialists, content specialists along with property specific detailed weather mapping, roof coring and Infrared Thermal Imaging. We do what it takes to get you the most money.


Advent Public Adjusters has a very diverse background in construction which stems from 35 years in the construction industry from residential to major commercial projects to include 426 bed military facilities, stadiums, high end restaurants, 5 star hotels, universities, high rises, along with high end corporate facilities.