Storm & Flood Damage Guide


DO NOT SIGN RESTORATION REPAIR CONTRACTS UNTIL you know your insurance carrier will pay the full amount for contractor services. 

Resident & Business owners in New Jersey had to pay thousands out of their pocket because they did not receive approval first. Get a least two bids (written estimates) for restoration services and check references and qualifications. 

Flood Damage

DO NOT SIGN PROOF OF LOSS IMMEDIATELY (Flood) until you know you received a fair estimate from the adjuster in writing and that the settlement that you have received is enough to restore your home or business. Although I state to not sign a proof of loss until you receive a fair estimate for the flood damages BE SURE TO SUBMIT A STATEMENT OF LOSS WITHIN THE 60 DAY TIME LIMIT AS REQUIRED IN YOUR NFIP FLOOD POLICY.  




What you SHOULD DO

Flood Damage

  1. Call Insurance carrier to report your claim. Ask what is covered.
  2. Photos, Photos, Photos, I can’t say enough on how important taking good photos can help prove you claim. It is your responsibility to prove your claim.
  3. Get the water and disinfect, I have been told to use borax, vinegar and hot water
  4. Tarp roof if needed to protect home from further damage. Insurance carrier pays for this.
  5. Remove all items such as sofas, carpeting, pillows, rugs, etc that cannot be cleaned or disinfected.
  6. Model / serial numbers are critical for ranges, refrigerators, washer/dryers, air conditions, furnaces, dishwashers, hot water heaters, computers, printers, etc.   
  7. Keep all receipts and records of meetings and phones conversations with your Insurance company.